Teknologia & kaupalliset sopimukset

Avustamme kaikenkokoisia yritysasiakkaitamme liike-elämän vaativissa sopimusasioissa. Erikoisalaamme ovat teknologialiitännäiset sopimukset. Aihealueesta ja toimialasta riippumatta toimintamme keskiössä on aina asiakkaidemme liiketoiminnan tarpeet, juridisesta osaamisestamme tinkimättä.


Avustamme sekä ostajia että toimittajia erilaisissa vaativissa ICT-alan sopimusjärjestelyissä ja riita-asioissa. Myös tietosuojaa koskevat kysymykset sekä teknologia-alan transaktiot kuuluvat erityisosaamiseemme.

Neuvomme päivittäin asiakkaitamme muun muassa ICT-järjestelmiin ja -palveluihin, ulkoistuksiin, tietosuojaan, teolliseen internetiin, lisensointiin, alihankintaan, tuotekehitykseen, jälleenmyyntiin ja sopimusvalmistukseen liittyen, niin Suomessa kuin kansainvälisestikin.


Asiantuntijamme ovat toimineet sekä maamme suurimpien liikejuridiikan asianajotoimistojen että kansainvälisten teknologiayritysten palveluksessa. Meille on keskeistä ymmärtää asiakkaidemme – kuten myös vastapuolemme – liiketoimintaa, juridisesta osaamisestamme tinkimättä.


Asianajaja, osakas

Topi Lusenius

044 362 3340

Asianajaja, Counsel

Onni Ogbeide

040 835 2874

Inventio takes the role as a business partner who develops in-depth knowledge of their client’s business and takes initiative to create pragmatic solutions to business needs.

The Legal 500 (2023)

Topi Lusenius and the team are broadly experienced and always committed to full transparency. Exceptionally valuable is their ability to give context and pragmatic suggestions to decisions by sharing concrete case examples from their past experience. Their advice is not limited to “how things are” from a legal point of view but it always extends to concrete recommendations for our business situation.

The Legal 500 (2023)

They constantly gather knowledge and are up to speed. All of them are really nice to work with. The people truly master their area and they are very good negotiators which greatly benefits customers.

The Legal 500 (2023)

Inventio takes the time to see and understand the big picture and discuss strategies to reach the desired outcome.

Chambers Europe Guide 2023

Inventio has a team with very good knowledge of IT standards and IT market, deep understanding of risks, benefits and pitfalls of IT outsourcing and ability to utilise that knowledge in creating good contracts, choosing a suitable negotiation approach and supporting us with always beneficial advice. They are also very flexible and able to act even on the last minute arrangements and still deliver very high quality service.

The Legal 500 (2022)

Deep understanding of the ICT landscape combined with good knowledge about business in the financial sector is unique to Inventio Attorneys. They also always provide what they promise and usually deliver earlier than they anticipate. Inventio consults both buyers and sellers which is extremely valuable for us buyers.

The Legal 500 (2022)

The whole team is excellent, but Topi Lusenius is just brilliant! He combines strong business understanding with great legal skills and is always quickly on top of any new assignments our rapidly growing business has for Inventio. We have noticed several times that with Topi and Inventio we have far superior legal help compared to our large enterprise clients utilizing in-house lawyers or legal aid from the large law firms.

The Legal 500 (2020)

Inventio Attorneys is ‘one of the best firms for TMT’.

The Legal 500 (2017)

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